Our Mission

To make Vadodara an Innovative City

To help people thrive despite limitations… of an empowering and satisfying, uncompromised life through a community of people with similar values to create sustainable development around, so that you can transform……!

Our Vision

To enhance the culture of Innovation and provide a platform to innovators in and around Vadodara.

With Key focus area of Innovation, to build a sustainable thriving global society by making the city of Vadodara and its human settlements inclusive and resilient by embedding Innovativeness in every citizen’s consciousness.

Charter of VIC

Vadodara Innovation Council is the first and only-city-based Innovation Council under National Innovation Council (NInC). VIC is founded in May 2011, now it is registered as a 'not-for-profit' company under section 8. From all walks of life, Anyone and everyone with innovation in mind and heart are welcomed to join VIC.

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