Tod-Fod-Jod 2018-19

Vadodara innovation Council (VIC) has an ambitious vision for Tod-Fod-Jod program for coming years, after conducting Tod-Fod-Jod in academic year 2018-19, wherein : "Learning through Self discovery" is the Mantra of Tod-Fod-Jod.

  • 12 Schools, 50 Students from each school - Total 600 Students from Std. 7-8-9-10
  • Discovered how science and other disciplines of study come together to make modern devices
  • Successfully conducted 24 sessions per school thereby Total 288 sessions in 12 schools, 10 gadgets for each batch of 25 students
  • These schools were supported with session plan for each gadget, Trained Facilitators, Gadgets and Tools for each session in the school premises.

Distinct Benefits for the Students:

  • Learn how to safely disassemble and reassemble gadgets using proper tools
  • Learn the functioning of each gadget and role of the constituent parts
  • Discover the actual application of Science, Engineering, Design principles and material science
  • Learn to appreciate how diverse disciplines come together to create meaningful applications and modern gadgets
  • Acquire a new way of looking at “things around them”
  • Learn to stretch imagination to spot other uses of the principles at play
  • Motivate to become more curious and questioning
  • Develop comfort with experimenting
  • Understand enough to be able to fix small problems